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It is funny to Me how some people have different trigger words or phrases that turn them on.  For instance, just last week I had a wonderful two Mistress call with the lovely Ms. Rayne.  Our wayward wanker had a naughty fantasy about two former co-workers working him over.  As he breathlessly stroked he talked about the voluptuous breasts of his sexy coworker and how it made his “lust banana” twitch.  Lust Banana……that  totally sounds like a 90’s grunge band, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I digress, it  gets better…………he threw out a couple of other erotic zingers that I found rather entertaining.  He wanted Us to stroke is spicy sausage….meanwhile I have 70’s porn music playing in My head *bom*chicka*bow* wow*!  I didn’t know anyone actually thought of their own penis that way and could refer to it as a “spicy sausage” without laughing.  Ms. Rayne and I had such a great time tormenting his control stick until he was completely and utterly helpless….good times, good times!