What girl doesn’t love to treated like royalty??   Well I pretty much expect it.  One of My favorite role plays ever is the girlfriend experience.  The reason I like it so much is because I can mix being a total demanding brat with being sweet.  I want it all, so naturally I like the best of both worlds ;).  I have a special caller that I get to play this out with, but with a  twist: cuckold humiliation.    What makes this fantasy even more diabolical is My caller is such a successful, attractive guy, but the thought of his life being run by a hot Alpha Princess like Myself is just too much for him to resist.  Do I take advantage of this and mind fuck him into submission,  damn right I do!!!

I am the ultimate in unattainability and eroticism to My friend Bill.  Poor guy is totally smitten and I just love telling him about the dates I’m gonna go on.  Absolute torture isn’t Bill *giggle*??  I think to add to the whole cuckold mind fuck I might allow him to listen in while I have one of My supplicants go down on Me, if he’s lucky LOL.   Now to add to his sweet humiliation I”m writing about it, what a proverbial kick in the nut sack, huh Bill????

I just love placing My pretty hand inside your pliable mind and manipulating it however I want Bill.  I am gonna enjoy going out on My date this weekend, wearing the perfume and ring that you got for Me *giggle*.  I know it’s gotta be excruciatingly humiliating but all is fair in cuckolding and  mind fuckery and the rules don’t apply to Me because I’m making them ;).