If you didn’t read the first installment, you can check it out here!  I picked up My tiny little guy and admired him.  I slipped into  bed and placed him on My left Giantess nipple…..and then My right.  Sighing & moaning softly as My naughty four inch man touched My breasts.  I could feel his body quiver against Me as I slid him down My body and placed him right at the cleft between My legs.  He licked My pussy like a good sex toy.  As I moved he felt the undulations rise and fall beneath him.  My Giantess body tensed up and My hips pressed forward .  I moved his four inch body around in circles while pressing him inside of Me.  My pleasure started to build and his body could feel My arousal swelling up against him.  Overwhelmed with erotic energy…. he felt the intensity and heat surrounding him increase with each moment.  I had an earthquake like orgasm.  He couldn’t control himself and exploded in conjunction with My Giantess-gasms.  I gently cleaned him off and placed him beside Me and we fell into a deep blissful sleep.