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I had a really amazing call this last week with one of My wonderful Giantess fans.  The role play began with him being a study buddy in one of My classes.He is super smart, so I asked him to study with Me afterwards. Naturally, he said yes. I lured him to My house, and I offered him some wine, which he gladly accepted.. Little did he know I worked some Giantess Mistress magic in his Merlot. He started to feel slightly euphoric and tingly.  Suddenly, he shrunk down to a mere inch.  I picked him up and placed him in My mouth like a tasty hors d’oeuvre, rolling him around like a piece of tiny man candy. I’m a fickle Giantess and quickly got bored with that. So I took him out, dried him off gingerly, and thoughtfully placed him on My foot like a little toe ring; well, more accurately a toe fucker *giggle*.  I watched him grasping My second toe from the biggest and admired  My tiny man foot jewelry. I wanted to have a little more fun and amusement with him. He needed to be just a tad bigger. So I did some Giantess magic on him and bibbety bobbety boo he’s now 4 inches instead of two! I tucked him neatly into My bra and sauntered into the bedroom.  I decided to place My slightly larger play thing on the night stand while I disrobed. ………(to be continued)