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Here is a lovely giantess story submitted by one of My pets. Enjoy!

Given that I have a giantess fetish, my femdom fantasy is truly fantastical. In an ideal world, I would be only a few inches tall at most and owned by a mistress who loved having a little man as her slave, her pet, and her toy.

As her slave, I would do all the little things little men should do. I would paint her nails for her, using my small size to give them the finest, most ornate patterns and to transform her fingers and toes – already works of art in themselves – into masterpieces. I’d massage her wherever and whenever she told me to, although I admit I’d be really into pampering her feet as if they were goddesses themselves.

As her pet, I would keep her company, lending her a sympathetic ear if she needed it after a long day, or giving her a small, soft, warm body to stroke like a super villain’s cat. For that matter, she wouldn’t mind be thought of as a super villain, although as giantesses go, she’d probably lean more toward psychological domination than physical sadism. After all, her sheer size alone would be overwhelming, and her personality on top of that would just make it all the clearer: she’d be the undisputed mistress of her pet’s life.

And frankly, I could only dream of being her toy. At a minimum, I’d hope to be worn perhaps as a piece of jewelry: the prized pendant on a necklace, the arm candy dangling from a bracelet, or even the living toe ring strung up and forced to bearhug her toe. I would live for the times when my giantess would pick me up and use me for her pleasure. Would she want me to attend to her nipples? Maybe whisper to her from her ear while I massage her earlobes? Or even writhe inside her, giving her the knowledge that she is a universe herself, and I am at the mercy of her pussy’s whims?

It’s hard to pin down the ideal giantess fantasy, but I feel like that would be a fantastic start.


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