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Giantess Story 1

The following is a great story submitted by one of  My favorite little guys Hope you enjoy the first part!

“Hey there, little guy. Want to go for a ride?” Giantess Jenna’s voiced echoed down to me like thunder, except that thunder never sounded quite so giggly. She was giggling because She knew my answer without even hearing it, and She was smirking because She couldn’t even hear my answer no matter how loud I yelled.

She just couldn’t help but be amused at how eager I always was, but to be fair amusing Her was one of the most important tasks I did for her. And to be even more fair, I’m a two-inch tall man who loves to be used as my Goddess’s toe ring; that might just be objectively funny, anyway.

Since my Goddess wouldn’t be able to hear my tiny voice from my low vantage point, I answered Her by approaching the second toe of Her right foot and kissing the perfectly painted, coral-colored nail. I don’t know if She could even feel it, but from Her gaze, looming above me, it was clear that She’d understood. Her smile widened.

“Then you should hop on, toe ring.”

I clambered up onto Her toe – it was about as long as I was tall – and did my best to wrap my arms around it in a tight hug. I was going to have to hold on while my giantess Goddess went walking, and I would feel every step of Her foot like it was an earthquake. But first, Goddess Jenna had other ideas. (To be continued)…..


2 comments to Giantess Story 1

  • Ooh, this is gonna be good! I’ve had Giantess/shrinking fantasies on the brain a little bit lately, since I explained over on why, although I don’t do Giantess/shrinking *sessions*, I do the custom audios. This story is a good example of why: I love the detail and descriptiveness of storytelling where this fetish is concerned!

    I also imagined, and giggled at, how Your mini-man’s voice probably sounded like no more than a squeak!

  • Jenna

    Omg I bet those audios are effing hot Ms Rachel!! I love this story because it is well written and My little toe fucker is so cute and makes a wonderful living toe ring!! 🙂

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