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Giantess Story 2

I know you’ve been waiting for the 2nd half of My subbie submitted giantess story!

She reached down to Her foot and, with a single finger, began to stroke my back as I embraced Her toe. It felt divine. My body writhed and flowed with Her gentle, but mentally overpowering, touch, and I struggled to hold still enough to remain Her toe ring. Facing down, I couldn’t see Her face, but I heard the perky laughter of my Goddess reverberate over me in response to my squirming.

“You’re such a good toe ring, but we both know what you want. Do you want to fuck my beautiful toe, my little pet? You’re not big enough for a goddess, but you might just be able to please my toe. Do you want to worship it, my little toe-fucker?”

As She spoke, Her finger continued its encouraging motions, and the only possible answer I could give Her was to begin moving with Her finger in earnest. I wriggled and thrust against Her gorgeous toe like I had lost my mind to Her power. I was nothing more than a piece of jewelry to my Goddess, but that meant that I was in constant, glorious contact with Her perfect skin. I was entranced and aroused, and there was nothing I could do except react to Her hypnotic charm. I kissed and licked and bucked and rubbed against Her toe as if it were a giantess goddess itself. Only once I had tensed in an ecstatic, tiny eruption did She remove Her finger. Her enchanting giggle wafted over me in my orgasmic bliss like a siren’s call.

“Good little toe-fucker. Now, it’s time to be a good little toe ring, too.”

With that, Jenna started walking and, while She went about Her day, I did what I live for: I was my Goddess’s toe ring.

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