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Great Makeup for Sissy Beginners

I know it has been too long since I’ve written, have you missed Me? So this post is for all My sissy gurls out there that want to be beautiful, but maybe are at a loss for where to start, as far as makeup is concerned.

First of all, let Me say I adore make up! Make up is an art, and it requires what I call the pretty equation: practice+ patience+ persistence=Pretty. You also need to know your skin tone. Are you a warm, neutral or cool tone gurl? The easiest way to tell is the vein test. Look at your wrist and see what color the veins are; are they greenish, bluish or a little of both? If they are green you are a warm , if they are blue, cool, and lastly if they are bluish green…you’re a neutral.  Color theory is vastly important when it comes to picking make-up. If a warm tone gurl wore a magenta lipstick she would bring out the sallowness in her complexion, making her pearly whites look like kernel corn. Not good. A great lipstick can take you from drab to fab in like ten seconds. I personally love Mac Creme de Sheen lipsticks because they feel amazing and last fairly long. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to drop $20 on lipstick E.L.F. has some great lip lacquers and satin lipsticks for an uber reasonable price. If you’d like a sissy color/makeup consultation I’d be happy to give you one! I know both high end and quality drug store make up picks to get you started on the unicorn-glittered, high-heel path to sissy bliss.


A good red lipstick is essential, try MAC Ruby Woo – it flatters everyone!



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  • Petey cream puff

    This is something I want to start doing more of. Ms Andi on her blog has cream where I can get rid of 5 o clock shadow which I’m going to buy. Now that summer is over/weather is cooler/days shorter I can finally start dressing up in leggings/ankle boots/panties/bra with women’s turtleneck sweaters. I did try makeup with my masseuses help and she said to tuck in cheeks and apply concealer then foundation followed by blush. I had plum blush which matched my lipstick. She said it looked great and told me to keep it on during waxing then she took me out for lunch like this along with my leggings/ankle boots/bra/panties with my women’s turtleneck sweater smelling in midnight romance perfume and lotion. :0 I was caught off guard when she did this but she said not to worry if anyone noticed as she would tell them she did this to me and wants me this way all the time. With feminization training and now therapy with Ms Erika and Ms Olivia I have feeling this will be next step in taking my masculinity away and becoming the cream puff girl forever. Ms Erika said this is no longer fantasy anymore it’s reality.

  • Oh yes the makeup adds to the feminine aura and of course why not consult Mistress Jenna an expert in this area and others.

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