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John has a mad insatiable foot fetish and one of the ways he likes to meet his need for pretty pink painted toes is to look at feet while he is at the mall.  At one particular store there are several hotties that like to don open toed shoes . He’d been foot stalking them for awhile wondering when the opportune time would present itself for him  to tell one of the hot cashiers they had pretty feet. John also frequents many strip clubs in hopes of stumbling on a Magdalena Mistress that will dominate him and tease him about his, uhm ermmm, short cummings. *giggle* In one of his strip joint benders, he found a stripper who was curious about kink and had gorgeous feet. Score one for John. Sally Lee is a svelte, dark eyed, olive skinned beauty and saw an opportunity to capitalize on John’s weaknesses. They had several lap dances mixed in with some foot teasing and Fem Dom light exchanges.  After awhile Sally Lee learned of John’s penchant for having his little guy teased for, shall we say, not quite measuring up. He also managed to grind out some of his other little humiliating secrets during their lap dance sessions.  John revealed that it had always been his worst nightmare and most desired dream come true to be pantsed in front of beautiful women. Sally Lee filed this, along with all the other little bits of kinky secrets John had revealed to her. John genuinely enjoyed the kinky stripper’s company, he offered to take her shopping for a beautiful dress for their “date.” He took her to the mall he frequented to check out pretty toes. Sally Lee remembered John’s favorite store  and she decided to accidentally on purpose make a little stop there to check out the clothes. All of John’s favorite hotties were there; Jessica, Hayley, and Lexi.  His heart fluttered as they all had sandals on and he couldn’t help but perv out on all their hot toes. (to be continued)

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