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As that moment of erotic fixation started to disappear, Sally Lee saw her moment to humiliate John and establish her dominance. It was a warm day and John only had on basket ball shorts and boxer briefs. Sally Lee leaped into action and completely pulled down his basket ball shorts, revealing his little shriveled up secret. The hotties all started laughing hysterically while John’s little stumpy shriveled at the chill of the air conditioned store and sheer humiliation of it all.  He quickly pulled up his pants, his head feeling as if it was going to pop like a cartoon thermometer. Sally Lee looked at him with a smirk on her face. “Now tell them you think their feet are pretty,” she commanded. He could barely croak out the phrase she instructed him to say. They walked out of the store and John was humiliated silent when Sally Lee grabbed his hand and leaned over and whispered “Don’t worry John, I’m gonna get you next time at the pool.”  She laughed while John’s face pulsated like a heart beat. His little shriveled cock began to get rock hard and the night was just only beginning.

Aww is that you? Are you that small?

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