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The Hesitant Foot Slave

Foot Worship

I love having My feet rubbed, kissed, sucked and worshiped like the regal pair of peds that they are.  So naturally I seek out situations where I can test My sub’s meddle and see what he’s willing to do to make Me happy.  This last week subbie was chauffeuring Me around and had My french pedicured dainties on the dash board.  Naturally he couldn’t stop staring ; I’m flexible so I took My foot and put it in his face. “Kiss, toe breath,” I commanded.  His face reddened while I wiggled My toes at  him at a stop light with several interested onlookers.  He shyly kissed My foot and laughed at his embarrassment.  Of course I couldn’t stop laughing either as their were several other drivers who got a kick out of our little foot fetish tryst. …..I got a nice long foot rub at the end of the day and two pairs of strappy sandals; toe breath served Me well.





3 comments to The Hesitant Foot Slave

  • Rayne

    Sounds like the ride of a lifetime, Ms Jenna! I would love to have seen the look on the faces of those other drivers as they got a little sample of the foot worship you enjoy from that foot slave. Of course I would have loved that long foot massage too!

  • Pupslave

    I used to give my ex foot rubs while we were at her place or around friends who were comfortable with minor PDA. It took a lot of effort not to bend down and kiss them.

  • Jenna

    Nice! I would to have you rub My feet sometime!

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