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Humiliation Call with Mistress Cindy

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Omg…..the other night Ms. Cindy and I had a lovely two Mistress call with an insatiable humiliation butt slut!!!  It was so much fun laughing at & watching our sissy bitch suck a dildo stuck to a mirror and twerk his rounded  effeminate ass for Us lol!  We had this little bitch crawl on his hands and knees with a huge dildo as a butt plug *giggle*.  He jiggled his ass and ate up our sweetly cruel taunts like candy.  Speaking of sweets….. his little  limpy hung down like a fun sized candy bar, but unlike the candy bar………his tiny wee wee isn’t going near anyone’s mouth *giggle*, that’s for sure!!  We also had our naughty humiliation whore put nipple clamps on and tug them for Us while he took the very large 8-9inch dildo in  the ass.  I really loved having such a wonderful double Domme call with Ms. Cindy and can’t wait to tag team a bitch with her again!!


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