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The couple had dabbled in Fem Dom kink on and off for a few years. It brought a spark into their long term relationship where boredom inevitably sets in after the honeymoon phase is over. Newly budding Fem dom Nora enjoyed teasing her submissive husband and recently discovered he really enjoyed feeling owned by her. She reinforced this ownership in subtle ways sometimes with a glance and a knowing smirk that melted Ray every time he saw that gleam in her eye.  It was a secret that bonded them in ways they never suspected.  One evening she decided to surprise Ray with something a little different.  She was perusing some Fem dom sites & kinky toy stores and found a weird gadget called a cock and ball harness. “Hmmm, she thought,  I bet this would spice up date night,” she giggled to herself.  She added the foreign fetish device into her cart along with a matching collar and leash.  “He won’t know what hit him,” she thought, “I can’t wait…………”  (to be continued)