Gurly & a Closet Cuckold

I have had the pleasure of teasing and dominating a wonderful sissy named “Lucky”. Naturally I was curious about her nickname, it is so freaking cute!! I was sure she got it from the Britney Spears song, but I was totally wrong!! When I asked how this gurl got her moniker she said it was simply because she had really wonderful luck of course! I really enjoy talking to this gurl. She’s sweet, sassy and has a cute bubble ass-y!! Before our session Lucky shared some provocative pics with Me. She was modeling different cute outfits. One of My favorites she put on for Me was her black thigh highs, garter belt, and matching black lace bra!!! She totally has a gurlie butt going on!!! Lucky is a bit of an exhibitionist slut who loves to dress up in frilly pink nighties and show off her cock sucking skills with her toys!  To My complete and utter surprise Lucky actually has a girlfriend. Lucky totally has gay voice going on……sorry sweetie, but it is totally true!!! It was a shock that this sissy gurl had a girlfriend and not just a female bestie. Lucky likes to fantasize about her significant other getting it on with her ex. Apparently this ex boyfriend is hot and has a nice big cock to boot…. which Lucky’s partner has talked about at length *giggles…pun intended*. I teased her about the prospect of her partner hooking up with her ex and including her in their sweet reunion. “Could you imagine fluffing that big cock for her?”

Luck Be a Sissy Tonight

I gave Lucky an assignment. I thought it fitting that any sissy worth her sparkle tits needs several dildos, various feminine clothing choices, heels, AND a chastity device. So I sent her to fetch some of these things because I felt they were important on her journey. Lucky didn’t disappoint. She went out to an adult bookstore only to her chagrin to run into some people she knew!! I suppose she wasn’t so very lucky that *that* had happened!!! She told Me how embarrassed she was and couldn’t make herself to buy the chastity device. I was disappointed and thought it would’ve been a delicious humiliation opportunity if she would’ve gotten that chastity cage in front of her acquaintances. After she had her little shopping spree, Lucky sent Me really cute provocative pictures of her in the lingerie she bought. What a naughty bottom’s bottom Lucky has!! I could just picture a lovely pink jeweled butt plug stuck in that ass…..hmmm perhaps another assignment for My naughty sissy gurl!! I got to see her later on cam doing a wonderful fashion show for Me in a frilly hot pink nightie. It was so adorbs!!! It had a fluffy boa like trim. I went on the hunt for matching shoes and found them!! I mean you can’t have a fuzzy boa trimmed nightie without matching fluffy kitten heels, now can you? Lucky got her toys out and had her chair in front of the window. Omg, what would the neighbors think if they saw her flouncing around like a fairy? I pointed this out to her and she giggled a little and her face reddened. I could see it excited her as she touched her clitty and blushing at the prospect of being seen in her all her sissy glory. I had her show Me her fellatio technique on her dildo. What a hoover!! I think she’s a consummate cocksucker!! I think her girlfriends ex would probably enjoy getting fluffed by Lucky cause girl could suck a golf ball through a hose!! I had so much fun with her and can’t wait to do it again!!