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Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

Ahh, yes here you are reading My blog with dick in hand ….yet again.  Masturbation isn’t really a once in awhile thing for you , is it? Doesn’t that embarrass or humiliate you in the least? If it doesn’t ….it should. Why you’re just a chronic masturbator, aren’t you? I bet you can’t even go two whole days without jerking it can you *giggle*?  Aren’t you lucky Me and My sister Mistresses are here to indulge you in chaffing the carrot, sometimes to the point of soreness I would imagine?  I feel sorry for any woman who actually gets in a relationship with you because by now your dick probably has callouses on it LOL.  Wait…..that might be interesting …..instead of ribbed for her pleasure it could be rubbed for her pleasure *giggle*.   If you need to talk about it and be humiliated into having some semblance of self control I’ll be here.  Maybe you need to be locked away in a chastity cage for awhile

11 comments to Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

  • Dan K

    my CB 6000 is on order. i do need to be locked up.

  • Jenna

    Cancel that order and get a Birdlocked it is a way better model. Just sayin’:).

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Jenna this is what I need😳👎😢😧. With being a chronic maasturbator dressed in lingerie/wig/lipstick/perfume/lotion/
    dresses/this is only way I can get hard and off. Being this way and locked in chastity is only way as lll always be ldws cream puff girl.

  • Neil bob

    You are pushing so many of my buttons. You know that I was genuine chronic masturbator even before I called you and you went to work on me. Now I can’t control myself when I’m alone or with any of the group. Even if I’m not gard, I’m at least resting my hand on it. I have to feel it. I LOVE getting caught by the right person. I told you what my femdom did to me before even our first kiss. Tes,I feel SUCH delicious addictive SHAME for what I am. What I do. What I’ve become.
    I have also printed out all your photos and put them in protective, plastic sleeves. As you watch from your position of power as I squirm and stroke in helpless enraptured masturbator bliss for you. Making moans and cooing cries like a dirty effeminate girl. Sometimes riding or sucking a huge dildo for yoyr viewing pleasure. Then my cumm explodes out of me in tribute to your glorious power.

  • Neil bob

    All my typos that I just noticed in my previous post are just further evidence that I am your masturbator

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I could never ever lock my cock up. I enjoying jerking and stroking way too much to ever deny myself of mind lubbed hand sliding up and down on it…and yes…I so love cumming every chance I get.

  • D

    Oh Damn! The first 7 sentences are me! But it feels so good! The masturbation AND your humiliation at the same time! Remember when I rebelled against you. But you had me, you were patient and too smart for me. You knew, you denied me for a while, then once I had my cock in hand in front of you, you played with me, amused yourself at my expense, laughed… then cum on my face in front of you.

  • Jenna

    See what happens when you don’t listen???…..then you gotta feel :).

  • D

    Yes Goddess Jenna, I do see what happens when I don’t listen to you. You really taught me the error of my ways. That is why I am now one of your possessions, a mere toy for you. What is it? Your magnetic personality?
    You do take great delight in your humiliation of me. Worse… or better?, you have made me WANT to humiliate myself in front of you on cam. You are so shrewd! How did you spin me around and put me in the proper place so thoroughly Supreme Jenna? Like a master puppeteer you pull at the strings making me do whatever you please while you watch and you do it with such tease and torment in your voice! You have turned me into Your Cum Puppet. What next? A melon?

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