Dan really enjoyed humiliation…

Today I’ll tell you a tale of our submissive’s situation.  Dan like many submissive men just loves the idea of his girlfriend dishing out some healthy erotic humiliation.  He would even try to get Nina worked up by goading her into humiliating him.  Dan went a little to far one evening after too many beers and made an inappropriate joke amongst friends about a blow job.  Nina was infuriated but she stewed in silence and Dan had no idea what was coming.

 Nina laid the humiliation trap

Nina got dressed in a sexy black satin bustier, thong, lace topped stockings and stilettos.  She sat on the bed with a smirk knowing he’d be easy prey.  Dan came into the bedroom “Wow you look amazing!”. “I know,” she said calmly.  “Now why don’t you take off all your clothes and lay down,” Nina purred.  Dan eagerly disrobed and laid on the bed with his cock throbbing.

Nina tied him helplessly to the bed

Nina started lightly stroking his body purposely not touching his throbbing shaft.  Dan groaned and pumped the air aching for some type of stimulation.  Nina without a word sat on his face backwards and set about to stroke and tease his cock.  She leaned over and blew hot air on the head as Dan ached and twitched.  She giggled as he moaned softly in her ass and pussy.  Nina wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking and grazing her teeth over the head.  Dan begged and pleaded while she worked him slowly and tortuously to the edge……….(to be continued)