Guided Masturbation Phonesex

Hello My little guided stroker pets! We’re halfway through Stroketember already and we have lots of specials to offer our lovely guided masturbation minions! Please check out the the Daily cock to see all of our great promotions this month for our wonderful wankers! I adore guided masturbation phonesex because I really love having complete control. My favorite thing to do is edging you again and again to see how much you can endure. Oops did I ruin your orgasm, too bad bitch….. *giggle*! There are so many avenues of cock control…..wouldn’t that make a funny commercial. “Wank too much, need control to touch, try Stroker Control!!” Hahaha!!! Anyway I digress …..I have a stroke pet I’ll call don. He’s into the ultimate of guided masturbation and chastity training. I have had him in chastity for various lengths of time. Occasionally I’ll allow him out to tell him how to touch himself. One humiliating task I had him do was to fuck a banana peel because his dick is simply too small to be near a vagina. So little don was humping away on his banana peel until he got about a whisper away from orgasm. Then I decided to turn it up to twelve and have him add a little icy hot to his lube. My guy’s little gherkin was a’ twerkin. He desperately tried to make it stop and ran his little wiener under water. Well if any of you have experience with icy hot you know that only made the burning tingles worse!! I’m not a hardcore sadist but it was rather entertaining to listen to him squirm in discomfort while he begged and pleaded for release. I’m not sure what was more pathetic and funny his begging or the fact that he was in genital Gehenna.

Stroke it My Way

Little don had endured quite the small penis humiliation and torment. I made a devil’s deal with him. I told him he could orgasm but only if he agreed to a 90 day chastity sentence in his special chastity cage. What kind of cage is that, you may be wondering? Well My favorite chastity cage is made by bird locked and they have a wonderful pico model that has little silicone nubs that sink into the penis head every time it dares to get hard. That’s right 90 days of little dick torment for one tiny modicum of pleasure.  He totally bit. I giggled with glee as I knew he was in for it. You see during those 90 days of denial he would be required to listen to My audios and intentionally get hard at least three times a day. So how did I guide My stroker pet to orgasmic bliss. He was required to use his soggy banana peel, but I’m an artist and so the fun didn’t stop there; I simply wouldn’t allow it. I decided to add some humiliation to his guided toy tug. He had to sing Gwen Stefani”s Holla back girl while he was stroking. I’m sure you can guess which line. “It’s bananas…b-a-n-a-n-a-s.” I watched him and laughed hysterically while he was in his gooner swoon singing the song. Little don was so out of breath that he could barely get out the words. I told him to beg for permission to squirt his little loser load in the banana peel. He pleaded breathlessly to no avail. I even got him to agree to clean up his little mess at the end. Who would’ve thought guided masturbation could be so much fun and have so many layers of kink. I hope tiny don gets hard reading this because he’ll get a little prick prick for his tiny dick dick hahaha!