I’ve already touched on the fragility and vain reality of the male ego, but I want to be ever so clear with my philosophy. I don’t claim to be superior to men…….nor do I believe that men are inferior…just kidding women are superior by far LOL. Some of you may find that humiliating…that’s only because you’re still struggling with the truth.

Men are instinctively pre-dispositioned try and dominate women and even other men, it’s in their DNA. No matter what, it is as if every man was born with a personality complex and by nature must prove to everyone how big his dick really is *giggle*.

Men can be violent, possessive, and so very insecure when their ego isn’t pampered by women or acknowledged by other men.  This whether you like it or not, makes you weak, it’s your DNA. I can’t change this, but I can train you and teach you. I’ll show you how to reel in your masculine urges and accept your place as the “weaker sex”. Again I know this humiliating for some, but that is because you have not accepted the truth about yourself.  I promise you I’ll be gentle if you cooperate, but if you let those nasty testosterone fueled fits take hold…I guarantee I won’t be so nice.

For those of you “males” who believe this already and accept it so willingly…well let me ask you a question: “Are you really a man?” If you’re not now, don’t worry I can always humiliate you into a better one!

Chew on that for a while boys 😉