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Mistress’s Sexploration of the Demisexual

Yeah, I could write the stereotypical Fem Dom blog, but today that isn’t cutting it for Me, so here we are. So take your dick out of your hand and hop on the crazy train for a bit folks, I have some freshly brewed coffee and some crackety lackin’ Amish sugar cookies that I made. The word of the day is demisexual….what exactly is that? Well,  according to the handy dandy wiktionary, a demisexual is an individual who doesn’t have any kind of sexual attraction to someone unless an emotional bond is present first.  What a cool superpower to have to be impervious to the over romanticized lust at first sight. This seems like an attribute that would more likely be associated with women, but the more I get to know submissive men, I think there are many out there likes this, as well.  I often wondered if there were any closet demis that call Fem dom phone services? And if so, would it fall into a “girlfriend experience” category or be something entirely different?  If there are any of you out there, don’t be shy and speak up, I’d love to hear your perspective and experiences! You may proceed with your ritualistic porn search and wank session….*clears throat* That will be all.



3 comments to Mistress’s Sexploration of the Demisexual

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve called other phone sex sites but they are way to expensive and ldw has been great as I’ve been calling since 1998 and plan to continue doing so forever.

  • Jenna

    We’re the Lexus of the Fem Dom phone experience & we’re glad to have your loyalty My lovely little cream puff!!!

  • Jennifer

    Well of course, how could anyone feel sexual without an emotional connect first? I mean, without that it would be like just humping a piece of cardboard. Also, it’s all about looking for love so there must be emotion involved. We are not robots.

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