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Not Your Average Fem Dom Phone Experience

Normally the context of most of My Fem dom phone calls are some type of admixture of humiliation and sensual domination, but not always. Sometimes people just call Me to tell Me about their day, or they need an ear to listen and I don’t mind. It is actually a compliment, in My humble opinion, that someone would trust Me enough to confide in Me about their problems or concerns. Listening is an underrated and rare quality these days. One of My spiritual super heroes is a Vietnamese monk who talks about the power of presence and deep listening. It has the potential to be transformative. I’m the great secret keeper and you’re safe with Me, until you’re not… hmbwhahaha. Whether you want Me to sensually dominate you with an over the knee spanking or confide in Me about your wife or girlfriend issues. I always joke that I should work with politicians because I deal with jerk offs all day, but in all seriousness, I really appreciate the people I talk with here.  I have learned a lot over the years about human sexuality and life in general and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you!

2 comments to Not Your Average Fem Dom Phone Experience

  • Mongo

    I am so very thankful for not only the erotic visionary that you truly are – but also for being able to get to know you over many, many phone calls (and still never enough!) and conversations that I doubt I’d be able to have with pretty much anyone else! (Seriously, thank you!) I look forward to many more calls with you dear, sweet, devious and ridiculously smart and endlessly sexy Jenna! – 😉 Mongo

  • Jenna

    Awww ty!!! I’m truly flattered and have also appreciated getting to know you too! I always say people are kinda like parallel universes within universes…there is always another side to explore and learn about!

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