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Using him to his fullest potential

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We’ve all been there.  You meet someone and the chemistry is spectacular and the sex is just wonderful.  However after those few hours of carnal bliss are over then the big let down occurs when dum-dum opens his mouth.  Omg not another dud *sigh*.  Whatever is a Mistress to do?  Well I always say waste not want not!

Every Girl Loves a Good Sex Toy

I decided I was going to turn him into exactly what he was; a dick.  I mean why not?  Such a tragedy to waste a perfectly good cock.  Besides…. the opportunity to string him along and make him think I was interested while slowly creating My own personal sex slave was just too delicious.  He had no idea what he was getting himself into and I was going to enjoy making him please Me.

Getting ready to control him

I had an itch to scratch so I called Mr. Dick over to take care of it.  I decided I’d wear some sexy peep toes, vintage Cuban heeled stockings and a gorgeous pink matching bra and garter set.  I smacked My pouty lips together with lip gloss and smiled knowing I was going to have fun using him.  The door bell rang and I sauntered over to answer it

Fun with Mr. Dick in pain

I opened the door and his eyes widened and lit up.  “Come on in,” I purred. As he entered My place he started rambling on about some stupid shit I could care less about. “Blah, blah, blah, I thought let’s just do like the only thing you’re good at dum-dum.” I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall kissing him forcefully while I squeezed his hard cock.  I decided to just cut the small talk and take what I wanted and Mr. Dick seemed to be all too compliant……….(to be continued)













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