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Words can have a lot of power over people especially if the individual attaches a lot of meaning to them.  I think that is why verbal humiliation can be raised to poetry given the right circumstances.  Take the words like “slut” or “whore” these are typically pejorative terms used to demean, degrade, and humiliate. For some people being called a slut or whore is synonymous with being called “honey” or “sweetheart”……humiliating music to their ears.  Bitch is one of  interesting insults that has so many different uses and subtlety of meanings that have evolved  from its original usage.  So has the word gay.  Being gay in the 1940’s meant you were happy not homosexual………then I believe they used the terms “nancy boy” or fruity.  What I know for sure is that one of the sexiest words in the world is simply saying no, why? No is sexy because it means this is where you stop and I begin,  It is the tease that may lead only to more aching and wanting.  After all isn’t wanting what wants to be wanted and in wanting what you can never get you’ll always be wanting more, won’t you?

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