KnowThyselfPleasing your Mistress

I’m easily annoyed. Call it short attention span, ADD or just My low tolerance in general for bullshit mixed with intermittent misanthropy.  Despite this character flaw  I’m pretty magnanimous to those that really want to please a Mistress.  One pet peeve I have is when someone says they’ll do whatever I ask or tells Me to choose with a sort of unspoken subtext that what they really want is for Me to read their mind and pick what they were thinking. I’ve been called a  Goddess, a force of nature and even a sexual super being but unfortunately I can’t really add mind reader to My list of strengths; hallelujah.

Communicating with Mistress

So you see the conundrum this puts one in don’t you? A good fantasy in My opinion is a co-creation. Do I love running the show absofuckinglutely……..but if you ask Me to run it My way and haven’t communicated your needs directly in the situation beforehand it seems silly for you to complain when you said you wanted Me to do it My way, isn’t it? Hey I’m a giver and if you ask for Me to do it My way I’ll take the ball and run with it or maybe in this case your balls and run with them :P. Don’t expect a telepathic understanding of what your desires truly are. Only you know that and it’s your responsibility to communicate them. If this is something you struggle with knowing then maybe we can explore together :). In fantasy as with life you are the ultimate authority on what your predilections may be.

Making a Mistress happy

Life is fleeting, wonderful, mysterious, amazing, baffling, sometimes miserable and incredibly short. If we share a present moment together I’d like it to be meaningful and memorable. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and what makes you feel alive. Making Me happy can be as simple sharing silence or as complicated as finding the ever elusive Higgs Boson it all depends on the alchemy we co-create together that starts with the age old axiom : “Know Thyself” it’s a journey we’re all on and one I hope to joyfully share with you.