Mistress’s cerebral fornication files

Everything is mind. Yes I know it sounds like another pseudo spiritual type platitude. However despite the statement’s simplicity there is truth to it. How you experience reality depends largely upon your perception. That’s where I come in. I can shift your filter at will and create a lovely erotic sensation that will be like a beautiful caress  upon your consciousness I love being an extreme cock tease it’s an art really. What’s even better is that it’s like a pebble dropped in a lake that continues to ripple outward long after it’s been dropped in the water. This is why I love the artistry of mind fucking.

Mental Masturbation at its finest

What I find extremely erotic is building sexual tension through the mind. Good music is created through both harmony and tension and so is a delicious mind fuck. Trust is also a key component, surrender and the willingness to have fun. Sexuality should be enjoyable and fun anyone who thinks differently maybe takes things a little too seriously. You make a million decisions a day and have a complicated life like everyone else and it’s nice to let all that go for awhile and allow someone else to take charge. A genius erotic mind fuck is somewhat of a gift that keeps on giving..

Vulnerability and submission

Every person is a different drop in the ocean of mind and I enjoy experiencing those differences. I’ll enjoy erotically wrapping you around My finger and wrapping you up in Me ;). Don’t worry I’ll only give as much teasing and torment to push your boundaries a little >:). I am after all an insatiable brat who likes a good giggle now and again by tormenting the male species. It’s a passion of Mine and I’m sure one you won’t mind indulging Me in either, will you?