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Sexy Texting & Updates

Hi guys!  I know a lot of you enjoy keeping in contact with Me through Yahoo.  Well unfortunately it is an end of an era and will be gone as of July 17th.  Yeah that sucks, but there is hope for all My lovely little chatters and those looking for sexy texting, you can also contact Me through Tumblr via the chat function.  I check My messages  often and love to see what kinds of stuff you’re into as well!  Also any of you that have interacted with Me know that I haven’t been able to watch you on cam. I miss seeing My jerk off junkies in all their naughty glory so I’ve found a solution.  I use a different program where I can watch you in all your masturbatory glory, if you would like more details about this or sexy texting, just drop Me an email at and I’ll be happy to fill you in.  Until then be well jerky turkeys, ttys!!


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