Why a Mistress Loves Owning a Simp

First off what is Simpin’? Well according to the urban dictionary a simp is: Someone who does way too much for a person they like:  Brian the simp: I bought her a car and a whole ass house and we not even dating! While according to the Merriam Webster dictionary a simp means a silly or foolish person. This term was appropriated and used as derogatory slang by Gen Z males to insult other males for fawning over a woman. My question is, why is this a bad thing? As a dominant Woman I enjoy having a stable of simps to do My bidding and want nothing more than to make Me happy. I think for fragile males this is humiliating. When men shame other men for being a “simp” this is a type of innocuous misogyny that goes under the radar for most. I think it is also kink shaming; because let’s face it society has unrealistic expectations for both genders and submissive men get a lot of unnecessary bullshit for wanting a Woman to be in charge. Simpin’ ain’t easy in the wake of the dying patriarchy. In My experience submissive men are some of the strongest most intelligent people I’ve ever met and they know themselves much better than the pseudo alpha males out there.

What Makes a Simp Special

What I enjoy most about Simpin’ is that their highest joy is making the Woman happy. One year for My birthday one of My simpy subs made Me breakfast in bed and planned a whole day of doing things that I absolutely loved. We had a blast going to an art museum, doing a little shopping, and having dinner together. The night ended with a playful humiliation session which he absolutely loved and a foot rub for Me!!! Sometimes he’ll send Me flowers or get Me a beautiful house plants—because I adore them so much. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and I wouldn’t want it any other way and neither would he except he has alluded to wanting to marry Me. Marriage is an institution….who the hell would willing put themselves in one, not this chica!!!

Mistress Delights in Her Simps

Every time he sees Me, he makes Me feel like I’m the most beautiful Woman in the world and he treats Me like royalty. He knows his penis is too small to satisfy Me, but he tries to make up for his short comings in other ways. Usually by showing his adoration domestically or physically by giving Me a massage or a mani pedi. He is so motivated to make Me happy that he actually went to classes to learn how to do these things for Me. He gives better massages than some of the professionals I’ve gone to and that’s because he puts his love and adoration into it which is palpable.

A Fem Dom and Her Simp

Our current technological era has done a great deal to erode away at human intimacy. You have everything from machine driven dicks & vaginas to AI being engineered to be companions for lonely and/or socially inept people. Although these things may be comfort for some they are missing the spark of true human connection. My simp and I have a wonderful connection and despite Me teasing him (which he loves), he knows that I don’t take him for granted and I appreciate who he is on a core level. I’m hoping that with all the changes happening around gender expectations that toxic masculinity  and femininity can evolve into a more inclusive and less derogatory definitions of male servitude and submission. Simpin’ aint’ easy, but usually if something is worthwhile it is rarely easy at all.