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My Sissy Girlfriend 2

Here is the 2nd ( all be it a bit nonconsecutive) half of My sissy story.

I could feel Katie shiver as I touched her through her panties. We shared lip gloss kisses, and I told her how beautiful I thought she was. I slipped a blind fold on her and told her to wait for Me. Little did she know I was putting on My strap on harness. I straddled her face and looked down at her while slipping off her blindfold. “Suck it,” I commanded. Katie did as she was told, and I told her she looked hot sucking My cock. I slid down her body and sucked on her nipples while fingering her sissy pussy. “I’m going to fuck you now,” I said matter of factly and slid My thick 9 inch cock into her.  She cried out and I kissed her while I fucked her slowly at first……then building up a faster cadence.  Katie moaned and squirmed under My body.  My hand slid down playing with her clitty while I pumped her hard and fast.  She came helplessly while I kissed her hard and shoved My tongue in her mouth.  I looked down at her and smiled.  “Go put on your nightie,” I commanded.  I spooned her and she fell asleep in My arms.  ” I love being your sissy girlfriend,” Katie whispered.  “Me too,” I responded  while softly stroking her hair. “Me too…”


2 comments to My Sissy Girlfriend 2

  • Petey cream puff

    Love love love how you have turned your strong guy into your sissy girlfriend!!! I’m not only one that this has happened to. I’ve yet to have strap on uses on me. It’s not if but when it happens where girl juices will be put into me as I’ll be a cream puff girl forever.

  • Judy

    How I would love to be your sissy girlfriend too. To be dressed up in nice silky panties with matching bra and pantyhose and lipstick in a dress or short skirt with blouse.

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