Summer Sissy Pageant

Do you have a penchant for panties?? Maybe a hunkering for heels? Perhaps a lust for lipstick and lashes? Being beautiful and dressing up are so much fun, but isn’t it sad when you’re all dressed up and have no where to go? Have you ever dreamt of being  a beautiful debutante in a gorgeous dress? C’mon ladies you know you have!! Wouldn’t it be fun to show off your gurliest best?? I’d love to see all of My beautiful gurls show up to Our Summer sizzling event and dress to impress your Mistress! Perhaps you have a gorgeous wedding dress or prom dress you’d like to show off!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all eyes to be on YOU and your gorgeous attire?? Of course it would! Here is your chance to show off what a beautiful sissy you are and compete! LDW’s sultry Ms. Skylar is hosting this years Sissy Pageant!! Entries are to be received by no later than June 15th. The winners will be able to win some free minutes with their favorite Mistress!!! The pageant will be held at the Community Kink chatroom on June 28th at 8pm EST. I’m looking forward to seeing YOU there in your frilliest best!!!