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Small Penis Humiliation

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This is for all My little guys out there that well……..have pinky peckers.  You k now who you are *giggle*!! You’ve failed the toilet paper roll test, your whole hand covers it, and some of you even have to sit down to well you know LOL!!!  I had the best call with Mistress Scarlet the other day.  We tag teamed a humiliation bitch that had such a small penis it got mistaken for a pussy!!  It was funny to hear his monologue that the LDW Mistresses made up for him to say.  I thought it would be interesting to humiliate  him a bit further and have him make a little puppet out of what foreskin he had left, but maybe  there isn’t enough there for even that *giggle*!  When he actually had a girlfriend she had him wear a strap on to fuck her and it wasn’t like the hollow kind for guys that need a cock extension; it was a regular one.  Mistress Scarlet and I had so much fun teasing him mercilessly about itty bitty, can’t wait to do it again!!!

Aww is that you?? Are you that small?


10 comments to Small Penis Humiliation

  • sissy jenny

    Goddess Jenna, thank you for allowing jenny to confess her true desires. You are the best Goddess for new sissies like jenny. Time to clean up a dirty panty. hehehe.

  • Oh wow, that’s so tragic, to not even have enough to stuff in a hollow extend-o dildo to fuck his woman. Nope, he has to buy the same thing we women buy when we want to fuck with a dick. Does that make him a woman too? Hmmmm….

  • Jenna

    Such a naughty sissy, I should spank jenny for being a bad gurl >:).

  • Jenna

    *giggle* he could dream at least !!!

  • Paulina

    I’m at 2-4’ and I’ve been put in panties by Ms Erika/Ms Olivia as well with 38dd bra/dd breast forms glued to my chest as they locked bra so I can’t get out. With this along wig/makeup/lipstick kisses on my cheeks/lipstick on my lips/ feminine arched eyebrows every one knows I’ve been turned into their girl especially with Ms Cindy giving me a new name Paulina. Ms Delia plans on apply permanent makeup/lipstick on me. Ms Alyssa said this is necessary for me along with punk chastity cage. Ms Erin also said I need feminization therapy which I don’t think I need but she said otherwise. With all this happening all said I don’t need my cock anymore as it’s useless as I’m now a girl and only way I can be with hot women is having this done to me especially now that I’ve been put in friend zone by girls I know and this means I’m not boyfriend material anymore.

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    It’s like you described me, Mistress Jenna. The other night l was blessed by a call with Mistress Scarlet, who laughed at my assignment of buying Trojan Magnums and informing the cashier, “these are not for me.”

    After my purchase l was curious so l opened the gold foil pack and tried to wear this BIG BOY condom. It was so baggy, and when I stood up to walk it slipped off immediately.

    I can only fantasize the girth of the real man who requires Magnums. He must feel so powerful in a hand like mine or on my lips.

    Mistress Scarlet also laughed at Mistress Brighton’s September 30 blog post about my performance at the gay bath house.

    I should arrange a call so the two of you might double team a sissy fag like me.

  • Jenna

    I would love that and I’m sure Ms. Scarlett would enjoy it too! 🙂

  • Jenna

    :), no but you are certainly gurlfriend sissy material *giggle*. 😛

  • mike

    Even as a young guy you have the feeling that you are supposed to be big and strong and be able to “conquer” a female. “Big” usually goes with “strong and male”. The truth is if you are not that you know it. Girls know it (or sense it) too I think. My salvation thought was that maybe it is more guys who think about this and not girls. What messed that up was hearing so many girls talk about this issue. Even less social, more shy and more “bookish” girls not just the party girls or socialite types. When I heard the quieter girls indicate that they cared and noticed it hit me even more deeply.

  • Jenna

    It is always the quiet ones *giggle* ……bookish Women are usually the kinkiest, just sayin’ 🙂

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