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This is for all My little guys out there that, well, have pinky peckers. You know who you are! *giggle* You’ve failed the toilet paper roll test, your whole hand covers it, and some of you even have to sit down to well you know! I had the best call with Mistress Scarlet the other day. We tag teamed a humiliation bitch that had such a small penis it got mistaken for a pussy!  It was funny to hear his monologue that the LDW Mistresses made up for him to say.  I thought it would be interesting to humiliate  him a bit further and have him make a little puppet out of what foreskin he had left, but maybe there isn’t enough there for even that! *giggle*! When he actually had a girlfriend she had him wear a strap on to fuck her and it wasn’t like the hollow kind for guys that need a cock extension; it was a regular one. Mistress Scarlet and I had so much fun teasing him mercilessly about itty bitty, can’t wait to do it again!

Aww is that you?? Are you that small?