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Tiny cocks finish last

You silly little stroke zombies never cease to amaze Me. I had a lovely call with one knuckle shuffler who was shall we say on the small side.  It was funny because he had Me guess how big he would be by looking at his hands and feet.  His physical attributes didn’t betray that he was packing a little smokey. In fact he had rather large hands and feet so I guessed he’d be at least be packin’ a six incher. I was way wrong!

The Little Penis & the toilet paper roll test

My little dicked man came up with a most creative way to measure himself. He had toilet paper rolls stacked in inches and the measurements marked off on each rung. What he lacked in the little head downstairs he made up for with the larger head to humiliate himself. One by one he took off an inch layer of card board to reveal nothing underneath until he got down to the stubby inch marker.

Laughing at his tiny cock

I marveled as My little cocked wanker got down to the mere one inch of cardboard. The hand and feet theory of penile length is way wrong. This guy was a total false advertiser with size 13 feet! I giggled helplessly while he used his thumb and forefinger to stroke what little he had. I humiliated him until he had a tiny squirt. I think I laughed it right out of him. At least he can make the most out of what nature didn’t give him! 😉

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