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I have a client who is a body builder. Although his biceps and pecs are huge, his penis is, well  *giggle*, like a tiny little acorn.  We had a wonderful little humiliation fantasy where I told him if he could stand a cold ice bath for the longest he’d get to fuck Me.  Of course, I had no intention of letting that happen.  While biggie little is in the ice bath I bring out a scrawny emo guy that is half in size in stature, but over TWICE his size in cock length.  I start to make out with him while big bod little peen is whining in the ice bath that he had won the contest and he should get to have sex with Me.  I laugh while Me and the emo thick dick get it on in front of tiny muscle hustler…….your big biceps aren’t fooling anyone! I make sure he is humiliated and denied.  Silly  loser…. big dicks are for chicks and little cucks don’t get fucks *giggle*.

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