Bizarre_Honeymoon_02Pleasing Mistress

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Some people value appearances…..others value money in addition to the former. I see those things as transient & fleeting like everything else in life. So what is it that I really enjoy? It pleases Mistress to experience connection. I enjoy getting to know people and appreciating them for exactly who they are ; nothing more ..nothing less. Often times we become enslaved by our projections of the future or memories of the past neither of which are true because in all likelihood our memories are inaccurate and the future hasn’t happened yet. When you’re with Me I want you to be present and experiencing the moment directly. There are roughly 7 billion people on the planet and I believe every one has their own unique language. I’d love to learn yours

Zen Mistress keeping you in the now

Instead of slapping you on the head with a stick, I’ll slap you on the ass or perhaps I could whip you like the poor fellow in the picture ;). I figure it’s  a small price to pay to be able to keep company with Me isn’t it? Besides I think we both know you’d like it anyway :P. It’s pretty certain that some of you feel right at home at woman’s feet and fantasize often about earning a humble heavenly place there. What’s your language? How do enjoy expressing your submission? Many women fail to realize sexuality is a type of religion for some men. The temple is a woman’s body and worshiping Her in a way becomes a catalyst for experiencing the divine. I’d love to hear about your experiences. Goddess is waiting…….