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Little Dicky Dum Dum

Humiliation in Pink Panties

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One of My regular humiliation sluts decided to show Me just exactly why his wife was cuckolding him.  I got the cutest and most pathetic picture of My yoga pant loving loser in pink hello kitty panties… showing Me just how small . . . → Read More: Little Dicky Dum Dum

Chubby Subby Humiliation

Jenna humiliates a fat submissive in a diabolical erotic way. . . . → Read More: Chubby Subby Humiliation

Jenna’s Cuckold Assignment

Ben gets his ultimate cuckold humiliation assignment. . . . → Read More: Jenna’s Cuckold Assignment

GFE Cuckold Humiliation

What girl doesn’t love to treated like royalty??   Well I pretty much expect it.  One of My favorite role plays ever is the girlfriend experience.  The reason I like it so much is because I can mix being a total demanding brat with being sweet.  I want it all, so naturally I like the best . . . → Read More: GFE Cuckold Humiliation

Princess’s Cuckold Humiliation Date

 Who would’ve thought this date would’ve turned into a cuckold humiliation date?? Of course I always have a way of being such a brat with the cute adoring submissive men in My life. Ahhhh yes, another Saturday date night and I went shopping earlier this week and bought some really hot clothes to wear.  I’ll look for any . . . → Read More: Princess’s Cuckold Humiliation Date