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Mistress Masturbation Tip

You can cook with it, you can use it as a conditioner……….and you can even jerk the gherkin with it.  So what  is this jack off of all trades for masturbation.? Why it is coconut oil, of course!!  This stuff is seriously good lube and not tacky like the silicone based lubes. Just make . . . → Read More: Mistress Masturbation Tip

Tantric Masturbation

Most people masturbate because obviously they want sexual release. Tantra in its more modern bastardized version  serves to delay sexual gratification for the purpose of having sex longer or for a male to be able to cum with out ejaculation. Tantric masturbation uses breathing and stroke techniques to edge yourself to achieve a more . . . → Read More: Tantric Masturbation

Metronome Guided Masturbation

Who thought a little device like this would make guided masturbation so much fun! I had a great call with one of My man minions where I controlled his stroke cadence for hours. I delighted in speeding up the pace and slowing it down to a crawl. Edging him over and over again until . . . → Read More: Metronome Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation JOI

Being told what to do takes the stress out of things for some people.  In fact some of most stressed  seemingly “got their shit  together” types love being told what to do for this very reason.  Why not kick back, relax and have some guided masturbation fun with Me?  I like to throw out . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation JOI

May is Masturbation Month

Calling all Chronic Masturbators

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Yes it’s that lovely time of the year when we celebrate auto eroticism.  Hooray! Masturbation May is here!  Don’t let another stroke go by without checking our sexy spanking sale-a-brations. Besides why should you stroke alone? That is so boring!  All of our lovely Mistresses will have . . . → Read More: May is Masturbation Month