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Female Superiority

I’ve already touched on the fragility and vain reality of the male ego, but I want to be ever so clear with my philosophy. I don’t claim to be superior to men…….nor do I believe that men are inferior…just kidding women are superior by far LOL. Some of you may find that humiliating…that’s only . . . → Read More: Female Superiority

Pillow Humping Humiliation

Hand Humping Loser

Well looks like our lovely jizzhead guy was at it again. Only this time he had something totally different up his uhhhh ermmm sleave. He decided to humiliate himself in a most degrading way. Jizzhead guy used a home made humiliation humper via Mistress Piper’s blog. I taunted and teased him . . . → Read More: Pillow Humping Humiliation

Humiliation Hurts so Good

Jenna humiliates a loser in the club. . . . → Read More: Humiliation Hurts so Good

Mistress Wife Part 3

Shana had him helpless tied to the bed

“So…………seems I’ve found out your little secret,”Shana said smiling.  “W-w-what do you mean?,” Jason stammered.  “Well, it seems like all this time you’ve been fantasizing about me taking the lead in bed, haven’t you Jason?.”  Before he could even answer Shana pulled off her thong and . . . → Read More: Mistress Wife Part 3

Mistress Wife Part 2

 Shana on her way toward dominance…..

Shana read Jason’s magazines with an inquisitive fervor.  As the stories unfolded she saw the emerging theme in each; a man’s total submission to a woman.  She could absolutely see herself in this role and she smiled as she had all these wonderful ideas running through her head.  Shana . . . → Read More: Mistress Wife Part 2