Humiliation Date

When My submissive is visiting Me between business trips we like to spend time together of course and have fun.  He is a bit of a humiliation addict and I love to tease and torment him in public as a means to establish….well who wears the strap-on in the relationship.  This past weekend he took Me to a lovely authentic Italian restaurant and I decided to attach a remote controlled bullet vibrator to his chastity cage.  I delighted in turning up the dials while the cute waitress asked what kind of wine he wanted, but what was more enjoyable was watching him squirm while he could barely talk.  The best humiliation in My opinion is the type that is both subtle and intimate.  We were having a lovely conversation about the utterly ridiculous state of our political system and all the while I was modulating the vibration up and down, watching his every move.  Eventually when the Ossobuco came, and so did he,  which managed to make such a lovely wet spot in his pants  This was My queue to send him to the bar for My Cosmopolitan.  All and all a grand evening.