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Locking up your junk and not being able to touch it for awhile probably seems like a worst case scenario for some males.  I get it.  You’ve been left to your own devices to play with yourself daily perhaps once, twice….maybe you’re even three times a batee; as in masturbatee lol.  Giving yourself over to chastity training is beneficial for so many reasons. One of them being that all that time you spent surfing for porn; poof gone.  Hey guess what?? You’ll have more time to take that energy and put into something more worthwhile.  As a submissive male you can use that time to improve yourself as a person.  Up your workout game, learn a new language……and as always chastity training helps you to focus on pleasing your Mistress which should always be priority number 1..  Pleasing Her should always be at the forefront of you mind and chastity training takes your submissive nature to the next level………(to be continued)……


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