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Too Tiny for Vaginey

The curse of the little cock

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I know it’s difficult for all you little stumpied nubbies out there.  I almost feel sorry for you having such a pathetic tiny dick.  At the very least the only pleasure it could give would be the joy a woman gets out of humiliating it and giggling at how inadequate it is….so at least it serves some function, doesn’t it?  I know it isn’t fair you were born that way… were marked to be a submissive male and you know it.

Little man syndrome

I know you fight it, don’t you? You want so badly to be able to be like the bigger more well hung men that can please a woman sexually.  Look down at that tiny little stubby nubby you like to play with so often.  It is simply just not a possibility for you.  I know it’s humiliating, isn’t it?  Well you can join the ranks of little dickies that know their place is serving a woman and that ultimately they are just too tiny for the vaginey LOL.

Ok where the fuck is it?

Ok where the fuck is it?

10 comments to Too Tiny for Vaginey

  • I just saw your post on Teasemania and just HAD to come over here and read your blog entry! That’s a hilarious picture, btw, and so true! The irony is how excited those little stumpied nubbies get when we do get out our magnifying glass and demand to know where it is! LOL!

  • Jenna

    Glad you enjoyed :)!

  • Ms. Jenna…you are always so fun and funny! Oh, and brutally honest! Those teenie weenies do thrive on the humiliation, and with your sexy laugh, I know it just adds to the session big time! oops….did I say big?

  • I think the average penis is smaller than we think. I also imagine small penises don’t do well during one night stands mainly because women are looking for a big cock with a hard thrust pounding sensation.

  • Petey cream puff

    The only way I can get hard is if I’m wearing bra/panty set along with women’s clothes/boots/heels. I’ve been told all small cocks need to be put in chastity as well.

  • Jenna

    Amen to that!

  • Jenna

    Hey if I made you giggle Ms. Meredith I’m a happy Mistress. I love our two girl sessions where we tease and torment our man prey and laugh at his short cummings together! 🙂

  • cuckoldscottie

    *blush* *head lowered, obediently quaking* *blush*

  • I used to fight it but no longer. I accept it is a part of natural selection and what my role is in society.

  • Jenna

    Good for you stephi! I’m sure you’re happier for it, aren’t you?

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