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All the Mistresses know about our lipstick sissy cream puff.  She loves to pretend to be one of the ladies, but more than that she loves to be seduced into feminization.  I had the pleasure of being able to do a two Mistress call with Ms. Audrey !!    It was so much fun teasing our sissy into wearing some of the sexy things we bought on our shopping trip!!  We could tell by the way she eye balled our shopping bags that there was more than just a slight curiosity going on.  So we slipped out Ms. Audrey’s sexy plum colored bra and matching panties and outfitted our sissy in them with matching stockings!!  Our cream puff blushed with delight as we did her makeup and put bright lipstick kisses all over her face!! We snapped some selfies of us and told her that she just *had* to try on this gorgeous silver shift dress !!!  Cream Puff was more than happy to oblige as she slipped the dress on and did a little sashay in the beautiful heels we picked out for her.  I had so much fun with Ms. Audrey and hope to tag team this naughty gurlly gurl again!!!