S-Invasion of an Unknown Dark Star

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Hello, My devoted wankers, thank you for being so patient with awaiting My posts.  Two blondes are fishing in a corn field….no, no….that’s not it! What is better than one blonde….two blondes silly! I had an awesome two Mistress call with the blonde bomb shell Ms. Andi!! We had such an amazing time teasing our jerk off junky who has a kink for CFNM & humiliation. Yes. I am aware that Dark Star is indeed a Grateful Dead Song, but that isn’t the dark star we’re talking about here hahaha! Believe it or not there is actually some salty anatomy terminology I didn’t know, and when I looked up dark star, the urban dictionary educated Me that the term also means asshole; think of the pun-tential of that LOL! Our naughty bitch boy referenced another two Mistress call we had one time with the sexy Ms. Rachel where she told our stroke drone he had to present his shaven asshole to Us lovely Mistresses.  Of course, naturally, I was going to slip My lovely new anal euphemism in there some where and he didn’t forget it.  Ms. Andi and I could practically feel him blushing as we joked about a deep space nine invasion of his exposed dark star; we had a total giggle-fest at his expense which always makes the calls even more fun! We laughed hysterically while we teased him about going where no man has gone before hahaha!  I can’t wait until next time……..beware the Fem dom ass-tronauts coming to take over Uranus!