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Hey guys! We had a wonderful turn out on the 6th for our dance party!  Thank you to all the dedicated, loyal Femdom fans that made our party so much fun! I had a great time dancing with all the vivacious virtual Fem doms, and our guest DJ did a phenomenal job spinning the house music! There was booty bouncing, ass spanking, and even the random tickle toy was made to squirm by us.  What I love about this is that it is sooo much fun, you can  run, jump, fly, and even get someone with a strap-on *giggle*……..the possibilities are literally endless.  One of My guilty pleasures in the past has been video games. and 2nd life is an excuse to indulge My gamer Goddess ways.  If you haven’t tried our wonderful virtual world, please check it out and give it a shot, I think you’ll really love it, besides who doesn’t want to see some of their wonderful fantasies come true!


Wouldn’t you love to be at My feet?

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