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Why that tiny little nubby stubby barely sticks out at all

There is no shaft, no dick,,  just merely over sized  puffy balls

I suppose it must be Nature’s humiliating way

To make up for what you lack

She gave you a tiny nublet and an over sized silly sack

I laughed in a humiliating way as My toes began to wiggle

He didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t help but just giggle

To My surprise and wonder as I continued to flirt

His nubby went a blunder and began to suddenly squirt

I laughed so hard at My silly little dum dum

He not only had a short stumpy dick

But he was also quick to cum

And although he didn’t’ measure up

I sure thought he was sweet

I shall dub thee friend  zoned My dear.

No on your knees and kiss My feet.