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They sat upon the couch her foot resting on his dong

She rooted her foot around searching for his tiny schlong

Where is it, she asked?

I cannot feel a thing!!!

My foot keeps on searching

But I don’t feel your ding a ling

It is is right there he proclaimed!!

Blushing about his little stub

He placed her foot where it lay

His tiny little nub

I still don’t feel it she exclaimed!!!

As she wiggled  her foot around

Its still not there, she giggled

Her laugh a musical yet humiliating sound

His tiny little nub a throb

As she wiggled her painted toes

What a size snob, he thought

As she turned up her nose

She decided , That’s it , Im done, pull your pants down, she commanded.

He knew if she held his little penis

She’d end up all but empty handed.

Despite his humiliation he exposed his tiny dick

She laughed in exasperation

OMG what a itty bitty little prick

Why that is more of a clitty

And shouldn’t be called a dick…………….(to be continued)

Aww is that you?? Are you that small?