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Why I Love Putting Him in My Panties

I’ve always been an eccentric and My anarchic nature  decided to pursue elements of the Fem Dom lifestyle because I enjoy being in charge and fawned over like a Queen.  Instead of being domesticated by  the mores of society I chose the road less travelled because I don’t really know how to be any other way.  This translates to My enjoyment of being creative in eroticism. A relationship is an ongoing work of art and as we all know some are beautiful layers of contrast and colors and others need to be tossed in the chuck bucket and say “fuck it” because no amount of negotiation is going to fix it. No matter how these things turn out; it is always a learning experience and if it isn’t……you’ll continue to encounter similar situations with different people. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself “Why do I keep encountering these assholes?” Then you realize hey the common denominator is me so maybe I’m the asshole LOL.  Panties have always been a way to create a bond with My submissive and I really love putting him in Mine. Some use panties as a feminization and/or humiliation tool, for Me personally it was a marker of My ownership and that person being My sub.  I enjoy knowing he’s wearing something that was close to Me and he feels a sort of sexual tension and safety knowing he is “enclosed” if you will…in a sort of protection of Mistress’s affection and will.  Some men feel constrained by this and others feel a sort of freedom in knowing they’re appreciated holistically for their devotion.  Paradoxically ultimate freedom comes (or doesn’t teehee) from ultimate surrender to the present moment and sometimes it can arrive like a lightening bolt or in a pair of lacy satin panties.

7 comments to Why I Love Putting Him in My Panties

  • Petey cream puff

    The fact that you and the other mistresses put me in panties/bra/full makeover/lipstick kisses on my cheeks along with wig/feminine arched eyebrows along with sexy body con sheath dresses and all women’s clothes on me is along with being ldws cream puff girl forever was something that had to be done. This is only way I could be with hot sexy women, With Ms Olivia/Ms Violet taking me with them shopping to Victoria’s Secret for advice only to have them trick me spraying perfume then putting blush/lipstick on me then both having me go into fitting room where they fitted me in bra/panty set then showing off what they did to all the ladies. Also Ms Cindy caught me wearing her bra/panties/heels/lipstick then doing the same what Ms Olivia & Ms Violet did to me. I’ve accepted who I am and become which is ldws cream puff girl forever.

    Ps my masseuse sprayed perfume behind my ears for very first time, I didn’t expect this. She said smell will last long long time as she giggled when she did this. Do you think she is setting up relationship with her taking charge of me being the dominant and I as her cream puff girl? I think she is. She knows I wear lipstick/makeup/women’s clothes/dresses as she’s taken pictures of me with her phone.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have bought my own panties. Since entering this life style .My first pair was givin to me as a souvenir of a birthday party way before crossdressing . I wore them on my head .After a few years i entered the crossdressing world etc but have recently givin it up due to lack of interest and shortage of time.Sooner or later some woman will put me in panties again.

  • Jenna

    I love giving a sissy a pantie crown, I think it is cute!!

  • owen

    The first time a female put me in panties was, in fact, one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I find it a bit embarrassing as well as confusing to admit that this is true but it really is. It caught me off guard at the time and confuses me still today. I felt like she humiliated me and demonstrated an odd sort of overwhelming power over me. She laughed at me (and in a way I knew she would but still had to comply). When she was done being amused she let me dress but had me keep them on when we went out to some cafe. I truly felt like I “belonged” to her. I also had some sense that this was not something she did to most men and to those she dated. I was something of a “good friend” and not quite a boyfriend or date. I was so passive in this. I think of it often and do not know if this woman even remembers.

  • Ms. Jenna- I too see a sub wearing my panties as an act of submission, whether or not he is a sissy. It’s more of a reminder of who owns all his pleasures. I like how you point out that “…ultimate freedom comes (or doesn’t teehee) from ultimate surrender…” because it’s so true. When you trust someone enough to become submissive to them, you know your life is in the hands of someone who only wants the best for you and from you.

  • Jenna

    Absolutely 1000%!

  • Owen

    In response to Ms. Stephanie – that seems accurate. If someone had told me this would be a “powerful act” before it was done to me I think I might have doubted it. I don’t fully understand it. However it did feel to me like there was a sense that as soon as I had succumbed to this that I “belonged” to her. It was like I went from having some power (less but some) in our connection to none at all. I would have said that I don’t believe in someone “owning” someone. But in honesty it felt like that. I know that might not sound good to some but it felt wonderful. She could have abused her power but I don’t feel like she did. She humiliated me some but she sort of kept it between us and she lightened up at times.

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