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I’ve always been an eccentric and My anarchic nature  decided to pursue elements of the Fem Dom lifestyle because I enjoy being in charge and fawned over like a Queen.  Instead of being domesticated by  the mores of society I chose the road less travelled because I don’t really know how to be any other way.  This translates to My enjoyment of being creative in eroticism. A relationship is an ongoing work of art and as we all know some are beautiful layers of contrast and colors and others need to be tossed in the chuck bucket and say “fuck it” because no amount of negotiation is going to fix it. No matter how these things turn out; it is always a learning experience and if it isn’t……you’ll continue to encounter similar situations with different people. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself “Why do I keep encountering these assholes?” Then you realize hey the common denominator is me so maybe I’m the asshole LOL.  Panties have always been a way to create a bond with My submissive and I really love putting him in Mine. Some use panties as a feminization and/or humiliation tool, for Me personally it was a marker of My ownership and that person being My sub.  I enjoy knowing he’s wearing something that was close to Me and he feels a sort of sexual tension and safety knowing he is “enclosed” if you will…in a sort of protection of Mistress’s affection and will.  Some men feel constrained by this and others feel a sort of freedom in knowing they’re appreciated holistically for their devotion.  Paradoxically ultimate freedom comes (or doesn’t teehee) from ultimate surrender to the present moment and sometimes it can arrive like a lightening bolt or in a pair of lacy satin panties.

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