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Do Women Know 1

Remember that wonderful submission about small penis humiliation?  Well, My subbie decided to share some more of his experiences with you. Enjoy!

I think some dominant women can just feel a submissive guy.  I think some women are not that interested in submissive guys. I think some are but perhaps just to toy with a bit. I believe that it is true that many women would prefer to date or romance more dominant or at least “equal” kinds of guys but in my experience some women, even if you cannot date them like to toy with you a bit if they realize “how you are”.  I had one such experience as an office worker not many years ago.
I was working in a big city in a large office and my boss was female – probably 10-15 years older than I. She was confident, in charge and I thought pretty. I felt quite nervous and generally timid around her. I was usually quiet.  Although she was my boss I was not a “secretary”. My position was clerical. There was no part of my job that was supposed to be secretarial or act as her direct assistant. Yet many times she would use me that way. It was humiliating.
She was not mean but she was very controlling. I did not feel at all. I was in my mid 20’s at the time. She would often have me do things for her that were not in my job description. Office tasks, errands, but also outside of office. She would ask me if I would “be a dear and would I “mind getting her a coffee” (you had to go out of building for the coffee she wanted).  She had me do other errands outside of the office but “coffee” was the most common request. When I
would come back she would say things like “You are a doll.” Once I remember she was on the phone when I returned and she said “Here is my little hero”; her humiliation was subtle, but palpable.  I don’t know why but that sunk deeply into my brain. Not just the way she said it but her use of the word “little”. Maybe to someone else this would sound silly to notice that but to me she did not say I was “her hero” but she injected the word “little”, her “little hero”.  It just felt like she would not talk like that or use that word with other men or employees. I never heard it with others..  (to be continued)…

We do know a submissive guy when We meet one 😉


4 comments to Do Women Know 1

  • Petey cream puff

    This is what’s happened to me with my masseuse as well. She calls me hun/babes/sweetie. I don’t mind that one bit to be honest. She has pictures on her phone with me in dresses/women’s sweaters//blouses/lipstick/makeup and can hit send anytime. Needless to say I’m her cream puff girl forever as she can expose me anytime she wants and I have to do whatever she wants and asks.

  • Needy

    I have also found that superior females also seem to sense that I am wearing something I shouldn’t under my suit. Like Panties or thigh highs, they just sense it and toy with me to get me to talk about how great it feels

  • Jenna

    :)…..I can intuit a panty boy pretty easily, I feel their submissive energy.

  • cuckold scottie

    m-Mistress J-Jenna, with Your permission, may i please leave a comment? It’s just to say, Mistress, that i definitely know my place in the presence of women, and they somehow know that while i cannot be a man for them, i am an obedient boy. i always am deferential, respectful, quiet and obedient. If a woman tells me to do something, i follow Her orders. Like You, Beautiful Mistress Jenna, they intuit my submission, they just instinctively know my inadequacies. *blush* Thank You, Mistress Jenna, for Your valuable time, of which i am undeserving. You are so wonderful. *blush, quiver*

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