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Do Women Know 2

Here is the continuation of our lovely humilation , enjoy!
Her manner with me was one of total control, and it was not just that she was a “higher up”.  I was intimidated by her. I was not her equal in position, pay or really anything. I did have a crush on her, but there was no way I was the kind of guy she would date. As time went on her chatter with me became more invasive and dominant. It was subtle but still dominant. She had that female way of making you talk about things even if you were nervous. I recall another time when I was in her office and she asked (in a sort of half serious half joking kind of way) – if I would like to make her very happy? Of course, I did, but was shy and awkward. That was the time she asked me to go to the pharmacy for her. She gave me a short list of odds and ends which I shopped for, and then got her coffee as well.  From there she did that kind of thing a lot. It felt like she was amused by this, and she was demonstrating her power over me. I found it half embarrassing and a little  humiliating, but half felt good. It did a weird thing in my brain, and I realized I was amusing to her.
This occurred before I had done any reading about dominant women or knew much about being submissive. It was weird to feel so drawn to someone and know you were not “dating material,” but were something else, and to know that she knew it too. I sometimes don’t know if women really understand how much power they have.

Oh trust Me…..some of Us know >:)

5 comments to Do Women Know 2

  • Petey cream puff

    Have feeling you are going to have him dressed as girl. After this!! How did you know I was a cream puff girl when we first met?

  • Jenna

    Why its sintuition, My sissy:P

  • I can’t speak for every woman, but there’s a certain type of woman who definitely has a sense about these things. I’m sure every one of LDW’s Mistress elite can vouch for this phenomenon. I’m also sure that if you’ve ever stood in the presence of women like us, you’ve felt that familiar twinge of inferiority. We can smell it on you.

  • Jenna

    Very true We smell submission and fear >:) hmbwhahahaaaaa!

  • Petey cream puff

    Let’s face it..I’m envious/jealous of what women wear as they have hot dressss/leggings/boots/sweaters/tops/
    yoga pants/bras/panties/slips. I’ve always been shy/scared around them and if they can wear that so can I. I’m not the type that’s dominant towards women. My masseuse told me to accept who I am and become which I agreed with her and told me not to worry about her husband what others think and not care. I feel naked not wearing bra/panties/slip/d cup breast forms. Honestly wearing women’s clothes/dresses/leggings/women’s sweater/blouse/bra/panty/yoga pants/knee high & ankle boots fit and feel better and me then my guy clothes.

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