Confessions of a Sapiosexual My Jennalosophy

Triple Goddess 

Princess, Queen, and everything in between.  So you’ve decided to peer into My sphere and see what kind of Goddess I am??  Isn’t that adorable!!  I’m an artist and I love bringing that creativity into everything I do including My domination style.  I love to humiliate, tease you and then taunt you for liking it.  I know it’s such a little predicament I put you in, but trust Me you’ll love every minute of it and so will I.

So you think you’re a submissive guy huh?

Well good we’ll get along perfectly. If you’re looking for someone who is falsely obnoxious and yells…..I’m not your type.    I don’t switch. So don’t ask. I know where I belong and especially where *you* belong in relationship to Me.  I love a guy who sincerely wants to serve and make Me happy.  I live the Fem Dom lifestyle and feel it’s as much a calling as a sexual preference.

Are you Interesting and Interested?

I have alot of varied interests including Art History, philosophy, psychology and BDSM (theory& practice ). I’m a sapio-sexual and love intellectual conversation as much as pure kinky conversation.  I’m interested in yours as well!  It’s fun for Me to explore your submissive psychology.  The “how” and “why” of what turns you on.  I can be rather subtle in infiltrating the recesses of your submissive mind.  I have the angelic voice of a nice girl, but I can seamlessly shred you into submission with derisive taunts and humiliation.  I will bust your balls and break your heart if it pleases Me. So compassionately cruel & sweetly sadistic….. saying such meaningful things that stay with you long after we’ve spoken.  I’m a verbal ninja and whatever ego you don’t lay aside in submission to Me I’ll remove in pieces and layers until I awaken that highest potential within you; your submission.