Erotic Audios

Hi there! Here you can find a variety of free audios and also audios for sale on this page. I also LOVE to do custom audios and have a penchant for erotic storytelling. Feel free to reach out to Me and discuss your custom audio idea TODAY!

Also allow 3-7days for a custom audio to be completed and possibly longer if you want a custom script written as well. I want you to have a quality custom audio experience and I’m a bit of a perfectionist.;)

Free Audios—-This is a forum for many FREE audios from Myself and My fellow Mistresses, check it out!!! You can sign up at absolutely NO COST to you and listen to Me and all of My sexy partners in crime! Just do a search for Our names once you sign up!

Audios for Sale

Have a small dick? Like to be teased about it? Check out My new SPH audio for sale NOW in Our erotic audio store! Click the picture!

Like Guided Masturbation? Click this photo of Me and buy this Audio!