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Why I Love Putting Him in My Panties

I’ve always been an eccentric and My anarchic nature  decided to pursue elements of the Fem Dom lifestyle because I enjoy being in charge and fawned over like a Queen.  Instead of being domesticated by  the mores of society I chose the road less travelled because I don’t really know how to be any . . . → Read More: Why I Love Putting Him in My Panties

Sissy Stuff

I have  wonderful role plays with My sissy we’ll call Britney.  We’ve been working on her training as of late, and she’s blossoming into quite the little rainbow snowflake if you ask Me.  Last night we had a great chat about all the wonderful sissy stuff she could do so that she can become . . . → Read More: Sissy Stuff

Fem Dom Phenomenon

Naughty boys beware

I’ve been dominating needy sissies, breaking studs down, and keeping cuckolds in line for quite some time now. I feel I’m adept at analyzing the false machismo of beta bitches and crushing their delusion under my stiletto of truth.

So, I’m offering my services to all  out there with those pesky . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Phenomenon

Mistress Sissifies Her Slut

Empress Jenna seduces a guy into wearing pink lipstick. . . . → Read More: Mistress Sissifies Her Slut

Why I Love Being a Woman

Empress Jenna talks about the wonder of womanhood and why she adores the fun of femininity! . . . → Read More: Why I Love Being a Woman